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Anti-Virus CANNOT protect you from Social Engineering

Social Engineering is Cyber Security Term for Hacker Activity that is targeting people instead of technology systems

With Social Engineering techniques –  by approaching to your employees, abusing human empathy, impostor behavior and using psychological manipulations – Hackers can gain an easy access to companies most valuable resources, confidential information and funds.

Social Engineering  is the cyber criminal’s favourite way to manipulate victims


Recent Numbers


Successful Social Engineering Attacks

97% of successful Hacker attaks were based on Social Engeneering techniques.  Such as hackers were using psychological manipulation of people into performing actions of fraud, threat and blackmail.

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Business Victims Worldwide

In 2020 over 301+ Million Business were breached worldwide.
Businesses of all sectors and sizes.
Weather its Law-Firm, Factory or Technology Company, No business was too small or too big to avoid it.

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Unrecoverable Lost Funds

68% of funds that Companies lost as a result of a Social Engineering hacking were declared as unrecoverable.

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You installed ONLY the best ANTI-VIRUS for your business

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How can help ?

are you really protected?

About is the leading company in Social Engineering Cybersecurity protection. We specialize in helping companies to protect their assets and information from Social Engineering related hacker attacks.


Tailored and adjusted to your company

Our services are tailored to each company’s unique mental and operational business vulnerabilities. We help to identify, detect and teach how to respond and protect your company and your employees from Social Engineering Hacker attacks.


Complimentary to Anti-Virus

Our Services are complimentary to Anti-Virus. Anti-Virus only protects your computers. However, your employees have access to these computers. Therefore If hacker cannot break into your data technologically – he may get in via your employees (most of the times even without them knowing that). Goal

Our goal is to help companies to raise employees awareness to psychological manipulations that hackers do to hack the company and prevent them.


We use Cutting Edge Technology of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with combination of Live Cyber Experts to test, monitor and simulate real life hacking techniques and teach the employees where are their individual weak points 


Holistic Approach

Our holistic approach result in the most profound protection that the company can get.  Be Safe – Be Prepared – Immediate ROI 


We would like to present you the best AI automated existing solution you can have to increase the awareness among your employees, anti-virus is not enough, most of the takeover/blackmail cases happening due to an employee fail/error. 


We can help you

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Hackers have themselves a target organization and companies in EU, our system will help your company to be ready for the next attacks.




Trident is a zero-touch, multilayer, reinforced AI simulator.  It is based on Machine Learning capabilities and usage of sophisticated algorithms. Trident layers:

The First Layer – Trident Exposure

The system learns the company and its employees using OSINT techniques and public data, Like a real hacker does.

The Second Layer – Trident AI

The system profile the employees choose the best simulation for each employee and simulate the attack.

The Third Layer – Trident Protect 

The system collects the data about the simulation failures and teaches them how to defend in the future.

Zero-Touch and No Install

Like a real hacker will not ask you to install something before an attack, at least not in purpose, the system is zero-touch, no need to take any action from the company side.

Company Security Exposure Rank Report

Trident generates attack reports with the calculated company security awareness rank.


Each Euro saved on prevention will cost hundreds to fix 4 stages cycle


Trident collects intelligence like a real hacker


Trident AI simulate Machine Learning 
attacks on the company employees


Each employee gets a suited and personalized training


Real life simulation combined with focused training, protects the company

Find your company's weak spots - before the Hacker does

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